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Primary Emphases

Legal Matters

Catastrophic Injury

We have been at the forefront of serious injury representation for nearly 40 years in matters of wrongful death and permanent loss.

Civil Rights Abuses

HaymesLaw has been a pioneer of legal actions where discrimination, harassment and social injustice played a key role in the deaths and injuries sustained

Commercial Matters

Our business assistance services range from contract planning prior to conducting operations, to enforcing complex rights where an entity of person has been taken advantage of in terms of company control or finances.

Class Actions

Class actions may have a role in seeking redress among many, for any given outbreak, negligence, or defective condition, under certain circumstances. When there appears to be a typical client group,

Emerging Areas

New causes of action arise every day as rampant discrimination, consumer affairs violations, virus illness and deaths, healthcare and workplace disparities, cyber threats, environmental breaches,

Entertainment Law

Haymes has decades of multi-faceted experience and proficiency within the widest entertainment spectrum, from advisory services and artist representation,

Negligent Security

When a person is injured on another’s premises, or their place of business, that property owner or operator generally

Transportation Accidents

We have successfully brought claims for automobile, motorcycle, rideshare, railway, and aviation crashes since the 1980’s,

Professional Malpractice

When the errors and omissions of licensed professionals breach the standards that they are duty-bound to uphold,

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