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The Midterms & Shape Of Things To Come

Outpacing The Deniers

The new electoral normal, where Election Day 2022 extends for weeks, with a Senatorial runoff set for December 6th. Outpacing The Deniers: The Midterms & Shape Of Things To...

Civil Rights, Show of Hands, Elvin to Adam

From Elvin to Adam, a comparative discussion. Courtesy of HaymesLaw, Miami, Florida, USA. Got your hands in the air, and they just don’t care. It’s been nearly 20 years...

Miami — As the 2020 election is on the verge of reaching preliminary president-elect status

Wondering why the ‘20 presidential election has been so difficult for many, here’s a reminder of what has contributed significantly to this reality saga about survival. Quick spoiler note:...

Extinguishing the Gaslight in 2020

A political overview leading up to the presidential election of November 3, 2020, and its aftermath. Some Final Thoughts on the Run-Up to the Presidential Election MIAMI — It’s...

If VP Means Picking the Next President, Take Your Time.

This Joe and Kamala image has loomed as a distinct ticket possibility, a favorite, since it was first published. Brands, Odds & the Overview on Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Candidate...