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Issues affecting your family, business and résumé can evolve quickly, sometimes in a nanosecond. In these instances, it is imperative that a highly qualified legal team is there to engage with you and the event, to help maximize outcomes, whether the news is gloriously promising, deeply unfortunate, or anywhere in between.

Legal Engagement Groups

Key Practice Areas

Catastrophic Injury

We have been at the forefront of serious injury representation for nearly 40 years in matters of wrongful death and permanent loss.

Civil Rights Abuses

HaymesLaw has been a pioneer of legal actions where discrimination, harassment and social injustice played a key role in the deaths and injuries sustained.

Commercial Matters

Our business assistance services range from contract planning prior to conducting operations, to enforcing complex rights where an entity of person has been taken advantage of in terms of company control or finances.

Class Actions

Class actions may have a role in seeking redress among many, for any given outbreak, negligence, or defective condition, under certain circumstances. When there appears to be a typical client group,

Emerging Areas

New causes of action arise every day as rampant discrimination, consumer affairs violations, virus illness and deaths, healthcare and workplace disparities, cyber threats, environmental breaches,

Entertainment Law

Haymes has decades of multi-faceted experience and proficiency within the widest entertainment spectrum, from advisory services and artist representation,

Experienced, We Are







Rising Challenges

HaymesLaw maintains a proactive democracy stance, dedicated to socially conscious activism. As Constitutional rights are being taken away — like abortion, fair voting procedures, marriage equality, and many anti-discrimination provisions — we are ready to step up and advance responsible positions and claims. We believe the scientists (and escalating conditions) that climate change is real, and that food insecurity, housing insecurity and healthcare insecurity, can be remedied with better plans and resource allocations. Also, the Second Amendment should not be interpreted to allow those too-young to-buy-beer to easily access weapons of war. And it is rather clear, that a discernible majority of Americans stand with us on these issues.
Gun Fatalities K+
A Leading Cause in U.S.
Drug Deaths0K+
Opioids & Substitutes
Virus DeathsM+
Covid-19 & Variants
Mass Incarceration0M+
Majority: People of Color

Free Consultation

Check in with us any time, we are glad to hear from you, whether you have a pressing, urgent matter, or sense that you may need to be taking affirmative steps to protect your interests soon.


    Vigiliant About Protection

    Safeguarding Those Around Us

    Ringing The Bell

    Teaming Up with HaymesLaw

    When we integrate our insight and experience with a client’s important cause, we fortify the opportunity for better results, and maximize the chance for an outcome that exceeds expectations.

    We try to keep our perspectives, preparation and zealous approach in good alignment with the highest and best manifestations, that have us doing good will, the right way, to define a strategic pathway for enduring success and positive, long-term relationships.

    Counsel Notes

    Thoughts & Perspectives

    • One of the more burdensome moves that a person needs to make, sometimes, is the choice of counsel. To select the right team, it can help to have a little checklist for the process. It could ask questions like, does the attorney understand and relate to the client’s cause, does she or he keep it real, are they experienced, do they seem determined to steadfastly pursue the best possible result, would they be accessible when queries arise, and so forth. Our firm is one of the oldest South Florida same-owned civil practices working in its key areas, and we’ve maintained an excellent track record of securing maximal outcomes, even when the early odds appeared to be stacked against us. We are here to assist and help leverage the high-impact variables, so that all client matters hopefully arrive at their best possible destination. At the soonest point in time.