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Gun Safety

Responsible Firearm Measures

In Everytown, Moms Demand, we all Demand, reasonable gun polices

HaymesLaw has represented crime victims spanning across four decades, but lately matters have gotten worse, as access to weapons of war and the inability to protect the innocent from mass shootings has never been this prevalent. Those in positions of influence and authority should be doing all possible to encourage safeguards in schools and public places, together with adequate security measures, well-trained and managed safety personnel, having proper equipment supply, while deploying all other care methods that promote better opportunities for avoiding serious injury and ensuring survival.

We have seen 18-year-olds purchase the most dangerous weaponry imaginable, and breach schools, grocery stores and public places with impunity, intent on inflicting maximal damage and loss of life. Even brave members of the law enforcement community have been outmatched with weaponry and gear when these crimes are well-planned in advance. In addition to needing increased legislation for reasonable protection, there also needs to be a complete re-thinking of safety net provisions, and severe sanctions imposed for those at the public podium who stoke violence with conspiratorial fantasies.

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